Splash Direct

The challenge

I was approached by the MD of Splash Direct to help them create a new brand identity and design a compelling and profitable customer experience for their new eCommerce platform.

To keep pace with a tight schedule, I began work on the brand work and initial audience and competitor analysis simultaneously. Qualitative and quantitative user testing allowed us to understand what customers wanted and gave us a basis to begin both design streams.

My roles

  • Creative Director
  • User Experience Architect
  • Art Director
Splash Direct eCommerce


The logo and visual identity were developed over several weeks and many iterations gathering stakeholder and customer feedback along the way. We eventually arrived at a clean, punchy style that incorporated a versatile secondary palette and the perfect double entendre strapline.

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The final version of the site was designed over several weeks and was tested by real customers as we went. The final design took into consideration all the technical benefits of the freshly adopted eCommerce platform as well as the latest thinking in customer experience design.