Land Rover

The challenge

To create a interactive installation to help launch the new Range Rover at global motor shows.

The installation had to portray the core qualities of the car amplifying its capability, including a best in class wade depth and its exquisite craftsmanship and refinement.   

Agency: Imagination

My roles

  • Art Director
  • Designer
  • Script writer
  • Interior/Set Design

The process

Film – the making of a surprising journey

We went through so many processes in the making of this project we could fill a whole website... 

Moodboards, sketches, wireframes, prototypes, scripts, storyboards you name it.

The film on the left is a nice overview of some of the many processes it took to complete the film.

The solution

An interactive installation allowing visitors to international motor shows to explore the features and benefits of the new Range Rover through an exciting and contextual narrative.

The installation existed in its own unique area, the floor of which was flooded with water to emphasise the theme of Capability and Refinement. Visitors accessed the area via a bridge and stood on a pontoon above the water facing a four metre wide LCD video wall. From the pontoon they were able to guide the experience through a touchscreen interface set on a pedestal in front of the video wall.

Key deliverables

  • Interactive installation
  • Film series

An interactive installation

Designed to allow visitors to be as inquisitive or as passive as they wished, the installation was part movie theatre, part interactive kiosk. In its simplest form, visitors could watch a 5-minute linear narrative about an exciting family journey. The story told how the car performed in real-life scenarios and effortlessly helped the family tackle all the obstacles the journey placed in their path.

At set points the system offers the opportunity to view the action again from a 'Different Perspective', allowing visitors to witness the car's capability through a multi-screen edit showing previously unseen angles and footage. At its most sophisticated the system also allows users to watch the story in a non-linear sequence and pause at any time and learn more about the features being showcased by the narrative. To date the installation has been shown at Paris, LA and Detroit motors shows.

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A series of films made by Alex Osman for Land Rover
Watch all the Land Rover films here

The films

The films include the original full-length narrative and two of the ‘hidden moments’ that can be discovered by viewers of the interactive version.

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Touring the most prestigious motor shows in the world including Paris and Los Angeles, the installation has helped make the L405 one of the fastest selling Range Rovers of all time.

Please contact me if you would like to know any more about this (or any other) project.