KPMG Global Lead Partners Summit

The challenge

To create a unique, branded experience for KPMG's top 250 global lead partners at a two day event in the Sheraton Hotel in New York’s Times Square.

My client wanted to deliver a solution that would exceed the high expectations of this notoriously time-poor and expectant audience and create an experience that would go beyond what would be considered conventional at a traditional corporate event.    

Client/Agency: RR Donnelley

My roles

  • Brand Experience Lead
  • Art Director
  • User Experience Architect
  • Interior/Set Design
  • Film Director & Writer

The process

Process images
Slideshow of process collateral.

After a briefing with the client I started bashing out some concepts as sketches and moodboards. As these began to take shape we brought in an illustrator to help bring the ideas to life and after a site visit I was able to begin producing floor and lighting plans for the physical spaces.

Digital development had to start early so wireframes whre designed to be mobile first.

The films came to life thorough a series of storyboards, moodboards and treatments.

The solution

I designed an event that combined elegant physical spaces with bespoke digital platforms and engaging content to deliver a seamless, integrated experience that allowed organisers and delegates to manage their time efficiently and effectively whilst facilitating optimal opportunities for discussion, networking and sharing.

Key deliverables 

  • Event experience
  • Digital platform
  • Interior and spacial design
  • Films
Process image
Slideshow of digital deliverables


An adaptive extranet platform provided a highly effective digital experience allowing interaction with delegates before, during and after the event.

Delegates could register, pre-book events and workshops, see who else was attending and find travel and arrival information.

Running primarily on tablets and smart phones the platform acted as a ‘digital host’ and facilitated; personalised scheduling and map directions, voting on plenary issues, making live comments to interactive screens, sharing on social media and the ability to store content viewed on interactive kiosks for later consumption.

The platform became a repository for content viewed at the event allowing distribution among teams and colleagues back at the office.

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Interior image
Slideshow of physical deliverables

3D & Interiors

With multiple keynotes, workshops and presentations occurring simultaneously over three floors of the hotel, the interior space needed to be designed to be extremely efficient as well as engaging, on-brand and comfortable.

To accommodate this on the primary floor I created a series of connected yet private spaces that included:

Stage and plenary area
With seating for 300 an intimate thrust stage was surrounded by two interactive screens facilitating live voting via our digital platform and IMAG video magnification to increase engagement and visibility.

Networking bar
Over looking Times Square I created a stylish and relaxing area for delegates to take time out and meet colleagues in an informal atmosphere

Interactive exhibition hall and a library. 
A multi-media area containing interactive kiosks, a guru bar, video screens and printed materials where delegates could view and discuss best practise work and methodologies from around the globe. This space was designed so it could quickly transform into an dining area affording delegates the opportunity to network and peruse content whilst eating their breakfast and lunch. 

Over the remaining two floors I created a series of break-out areas and flexible conference rooms that could hold between 20 and 100 delegates for presentations and workshops.

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Overall the event was a huge success with both my client and KPMG very satisfied with the high level of engagement and positive feedback from delegates, both by word of mouth and captured by our digital platform.

Please contact me if you would like to know any more about this (or any other) project.


  • Stand out event 
  • Very happy client and delegates
  • Repeat customer