Jaguar Land Rover Innovation Lab 1

The challenge

To create an engaging and informative centrepiece for the Jaguar Land Rover global auto show stand that would highlight their technical innovation and showcase future products and designs.

I was responsible for creatively directing four of the seven activations that made up the Innovation Lab leading a large team of talented creatives. My role included designing physical and digital activations, writing and creating content for and ensuing that all creative and production was up to the premium standard of Jaguar Land Rover brands.

Agency: Imagination

My roles

  • Creative Lead
  • Art Director
  • Script / treatment writer
  • UI/UX design

The process

Innovation Lab  process
Slide show of example process materials.

The processes involved in making this project included sketching, modelling, designing, writing and much more, all the while managing a huge group of highly creative individuals.

We used moodboards, sketches, wireframes, prototypes, scripts, and storyboards to achieve our goals and keep the client onboard and up-to-speed along the way.

This was a huge creative team effort and included work by User Experience Architects, Interface Designers, 3D digital and physical Designers, entire films crews and post production houses, Illustrators, Animators, Editors and, of course, some truly great producers.

The solution

A series of elegant and intuitive, interactive installations that captured the publics imagination. The Innovation Lab included physical interactive installations, live and animated films, multi-language content and great on-brand messaging. Below are details of three of my favourite experiences.

Key deliverables

  • 4 interactive installations
  • 20+ live action and animated films
Land Rover interactive installation slideshow
Watch content and see how the Ingenium Engine activation worked.

Ingenium Engine

An interactive installation showcasing Jaguar Land Rover's Ingenium engine technology. Content included a series of films mixing live action and animation to bring to life the key customer benefits and technologies.

The installation comprised of an immaculate presented Ingenium Engine (One Petrol and one Diesel) surrounded by three interactive screens that could be moved by visitors to display different contextual content depending on their relative position to the engine.

Watch the slideshow on the left to see highlights of the content and the experience.

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Our Story of Aluminium

A documentary I wrote detailing the customer benefits, process and sustainability of Jaguar Land Rover's aluminium car construction. The films is told in three key chapters and narrated by Jaguar Land Rover's very own British Driving Geniuses. The film was accompanied by a beautiful abstract attractor film I Art Directed, shot on location in Solihull.

Watch the slideshow on the left to see highlights of the content and the experience

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A fantastically positive response from both the clients and the motor show visitors. The activations scored top marks on user engagement and brand recognition metrics tested live at global motor shows. In fact Jaguar Land Rover were so pleased that we're going to do the whole thing again next year - only bigger this time!

Please contact me if you would like to know any more about this (or any other) project.