Brand Perfect

The challenge

To help Brand Perfect define their audience and membership proposition and redesign their digital presence to reflect this new definition.

Brand Perfect are a marketing and design based community initiative operated by Monotype Imaging Inc.

Client: Brand Perfect

My roles

  • User Experience Architect
  • Art Director
  • Film Director & Writer

The solution

Aimed at the primary audience of marketeers, creatives and designs the site had  two operating modes. Existing members continue with an updated version of the community experience they have grown to love whilst new visitors are given an introduction to Brand Perfect, its content and the benefits of its free membership.

Key deliverables 

  • Workshops & Insights 
  • Desktop and Mobile websites 
  • Corporate film
Brand Perfect website slideshow
Watch slideshow: Digital deliverables


The design itself takes a clean and minimalist approach echoing Monotypes house style without facsimilating it. The site also introduces a new Monotype font and Brand Perfect logo.

The website allows users to read, review and share articles and reports, book events and publications and converse with other members around a range of topics.

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A key part of the project was the writing and production of a new brand film. The goal was to allow new and existing audiences to understand Brand Perfect’s objective and the benefits of becoming a member (for free!) – in 60 seconds.

The illustrations were provided by the super talented Laura Bernard and animation by the fantastic Scott Coello.

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A great success though sadly no longer. The Brand Perfect concept has now been taken in-house and become part of the wider Monotype comms agenda.

Please contact me if you would like to know any more about this (or any other) project.