Air Vinyl

The challenge

To create an app that evoked the aural and aesthetic delights of listening to music on vinyl records.

Air Vinyl is a best selling IOS app I designed for Air Entertainment Group. Running on both iPad and iPhone, it simulates the sound and experience of playing vinyl using your MP3 collection and is now available in two classic skins.

Client: Air Entertainment Group

My roles

  • Art Director
  • User Experience Architect
  • Designer

The solution

A beautifully rendered interface that connects users to an audio output that has been enhanced by the award winning audio engineers at Air Studios to recreate the audio ambience originally intended by the artist.

Key deliverable

  • iPad app 
  • iPhone app
Air Vinyl website slideshow
Watch a slideshow of app design and skins

The App

Choose your records from any of the crates where your collection is kept and play single tracks or albums on the authentic teak and brushed steel AirVinyl record deck. If you want to compile your favourite songs together into one playlist, you can create a Mixtape and play it in the AirVinyl cassette deck. Any playlists you have stored on iPad will be accessible as Mixtapes too.

Enhanced, studio engineered audio output
Vinyl Record Player
Cassette Deck with Mixtapes
AirPlay compatibility
Stylish Retro Interface
Custom skins
AirStreem compatibility

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Both the iPad and iPhone versions have topped the bestseller lists on iTunes and charted at No1 within the Music category.

Through focusing on the core values of Air’s brand and understanding how apps work best, we have developed a commercially sustainable product that is in effect a new brand in its own right. This product has been extremely well received and has created a strong emotional response and following from audiences.

The app is available now via the app store.

Please contact me if you would like to know any more about this (or any other) project.


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