Experience maps are a fantastic way of discovering insight and gaining an understanding of users needs by tracking mindsets, needs and friction across multiple touch-points, timeframes and platforms. On this page, you can see three examples of the many Experience Maps I've created for previous clients..

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The slides below show edited highlights of the vision statement I created for Heathrow Airport. The ideas generated here were built on a solid foundation of research that included senior stakeholder interviews, customer and audience interviews and a detailed competitor and landscape review. The vision had to be unique whilst connecting with Heathrow's existing marketing strategies and business goals.

This inspirational vision includes a conceptual model and design principles and provided the guidance needed to undertake a series of rapid design sprints.


The slides below show edited highlights of the vision statement I designed for Turkcell, Turkey's largest telecommunication provider. Here I positioned a high-end, luxury digital service and retail experience aimed at aspirational audiences.