This page contains some top-level examples of the various User Journeys and Flows I've designed for previous clients. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more details or explore how User-Centred Design solutions can help your business and customers.


Heathrow's diverse audiences have many common goals as well as individual needs. Creating tailored journeys for each of the primary personas was an essential step towards building an overall experience that was personalised, useful and intuitive for all visitors.

Below you can see two examples of some of the ways I explored passengers' journeys. The top set of drawings examine how individual profiles connect with Heathrow through their travel journey. The lower group shows how that journey can be mirrored in the digital space providing passengers with essential tools and information to support their progress.


Helping customers to get quickly and securely through the checkout process is one of the most critical parts of any retail experience. Below you can see how I used User Flows to determine the most efficient route to conversion for Splash Direct.

Showing high-level content requirements for each step aides understanding when reviewing the flows and for quicker implementation of wireframes in the following stage.


When designing a training system for the Intellectual Property Office, I employed User Flows and Journeys to help define the learning process and understand how educational content and the subsequent questions could be best placed throughout the experience. This facilitated a detailed system design that masked complexity and allowed audiences to progress quickly and intuitively through the course.

The diagram below details the overarching flow and served as the blueprint for the entire learning experience.