Personas & profiles

On this page, you'll find some edited examples of the various types of Personas and User Profiles I've created for previous clients. Discovering and documenting users' needs is a vital part of the UCD process, and should aim to provide actionable, focused insights that can be practically implemented and realised in the later design stages.

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Heathrow airport has a complex array of stakeholders and customers they need to regularly communicate with. The examples below show an edited selection of the segments I developed to give build understanding of the multiple needs and desires of each group. These segments were designed to work in harmony with Heathrow's existing marketing profiles and were created from a combination of research and interviews with real people and data analysis. They provided the core insight that informed much of the further design work.


To quote legendary Liverpool manager, Bill Shankly, "Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I can assure them it is much more serious than that". After spending two years directing design and research teams at BBC Sport, I can safely conclude that almost all sports fans would heartily agree.

The profiles below were created from a mix of in-depth interviews and focus groups, combined with the findings of a ground-breaking global ethnographic study into the consumption of online sport I commissioned in conjunction with the sociology and cultural studies department at Goldsmiths University.

These personas show how detailed research and the insight it creates, can help understanding and segmentation of a hugely varied and profoundly passionate audience. This knowledge enabled me to create a new vision, structure and presentation paradigm for BBC Sport.

Not so simple

Skincare is a highly personal affair, and understanding both the rational and emotional decision-making process behind how women choose these products is key to creating an experience that helps customers quickly find the most suitable and effective products.

These personas for Unilever's Simple brand were created from a series of in-depth interviews with a wide range of British women and give an excellent overview of what customers want and need.