Experience MAPS

Experience maps are a fantastic way of discovering insight and gaining an understanding of users needs by tracking mindsets, needs and friction across multiple touch-points, timeframes and platforms. They're also a great workshop tool that can bring stakeholders onboard and create consensus amongst teams.

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Musical inspiration

After four years of explosive organic growth, Splice's digital experience had become disjointed. Developing an Experience Map of the electronic music creation process allowed me to see how their platform fitted into their customers' mindsets and working lives. It provided valuable insights that guided the reshaping of their products and services into a fluid, user-centred experience.


Effectively mapping the end-to-end air-passenger journey was a vital part of delivering Heathrow.com even though as a brand, they have little engagement with the early stages. Gaining an understanding of passenger needs throughout the travel lifecycle provided great insight for the final design, several quick wins and a pointer as to where potential future growth may be found.


Experience maps can help you understand all areas of your business and can be created for your customers as a whole, or as in this example, for individuals. For Simple, I produced an overarching journey as well as specific ones for each of their personas. As befitting the delicate subject of skincare, I also included a visual indication of the customer's emotional state throughout the journey.