Gucci Beauty Wishes

The challenge

Working alongside the super-talented team at Velvet Badger, I was asked to imagine a range of creative ideas for Gucci's first-ever worldwide campaign made entirely in CGI. Concepts had to include an original ninety-second 'hero' film and be profound enough to translate to a staggering range of supporting social, digital and print media.

Working with the team over the course of three weeks, I conceived three narrative-based worlds that resonated perfectly with Gucci's head of creative, Alessandro Michele. With much deliberation, the client selected their favourite, titled initially A Wish Come True and we began to build the campaign.

Throughout the next six months, I helped direct a multidisciplinary team to deliver a vibrant and dynamic campaign that consisted of over 3000 deliverables for digital and print, featuring an array of more than 45 distinctive products masterfully encapsulated within the evocative narrative.

My Role: Writer & Director | Creative Director | Art Director

Agencies: Velvet Badger Clients: Gucci &: Coty

My role

  • Creative Director - Pitch
  • Writer & Director - Content

Concept development

Scamps for Emirates Pavillion
Click to see some examples of early concept development process.

A core part of the process lay in developing an array of beautiful other-worldly flora and a mysterious yet enticing world. Working with a team of talented illustrators, concept artists and 3D modellers, I researched, sketched and designed a beautiful night garden of breathtaking flowers, dark landscapes and golden sparks.

Alongside developing the characters and assets, I worked on expanding the initial story concept. After sketching the overarching narrative and camera angles, I worked with storyboard artists to refine the shots and product placement before moving into wireframe animation to create a full-sized animatic guide to serve as the primary model for our ongoing process.

Centrefolds, billboards & social media

To accompany the hero film we produced a dazzling array of supporting media.

Key deliverables

Gucci digital example

Banners of all shapes and sizes were created to enable the campaign to thrive on a multitude of online platforms.

Social media

Our hero film was edited and re-timed to play on various Social media applications, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and WeChat.

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Gucci lifestyle example

A range of print assets were designed and art directed, including magazines, outdoor and in-store.

Gucci instore assets
Gucci in store asset example
In store

Assets were developed to fit a range of applications and needs, including POS, product displays and signage.


Launched in November 2023, the campaign has been widely acclaimed and looks to be headed for unparalleled success. Check back for the fresh data soon.

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