CRH Seminar

CRH Management Seminar 2017

The challenge

After creating a series of bespoke films for last years event I was asked to return this year to lead the digital experience and content creation.

The client wanted to encourage networking and friendly competition. They wanted inspiring, insightful and educational content and messaging. They wanted it all to  look amazing. We had five weeks to deliver.

Agency: Imagination

My roles

  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Script / treatment writer
  • UI/UX design

I was responsible for creatively directing the conception and production of an event specific app and writing and directing several films - one of which was shot live during the event.

Leading a large team that included designers, copywriters, animators, editors, films crews and post production houses required a multitude of tools and process to keep the team on track and the client up to speed. Treatments, moodboards, scamps, wireframes and animatics were among many devices used indicatively through every stage of production from conception to delivery. A few examples are shown in the slideshow on the left.

The solution

A live digital experience that played to the audiences competitive nature through extensive use of gamification techniques. A virtual reality timeline that use 3D models to bring to life the history of CRH and a suite of films that brought the senior leadership's message to life in an engaging and inspiring way.

Key deliverables

  • Augmented reality game
  • Virtual reality experience
  • 3 films
  • Branded stings
CRH  event app - Augmented reality
Content and experience from the event app.

Event app

A gamified live experience that utilised the location with an augmented 'Pokemon style' game and a networking experience that created a fun way for attendees to meet and get to know colleagues.

Watch the slideshow on the left to see highlights of the content and the experience.

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The films where shown in front of 300+ people and received an ovation from the audience. The app usage was extremely high with attendees using it throughout the event - day and night - and achieving record numbers of connections. The VR experience was a first for many attendees. Both client and attendees were very complimentary about the experience and the content and have already requested a repeat for next year. Now we just need to go one better!

Please contact me if you would like to know any more about this (or any other) project.

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